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A few months ago, after completing the first Digital Fashion 101 course curated by The Digital Fashion Group Academy and Parsons School of Design-The new school, I found it necessary to take a step backward and reflect on key takeaways from the course, how it relates to the current trends in the fashion industry and how best creatives, fashion businesses, and teams can deploy such concept as they revisit their fashion business model.

The Digital Fashion Group Academy

One of the best new things I have learned and built a principle around is knowing how broad Digital Fashion is and how best it can be applied to a fashion business model.

Institute of Digital Fashion

Here are some thoughts:

I think digital fashion shouldn’t be underestimated and limited to 3D virtual fashion only.

While 3D virtual fashion is part of Digital Fashion, I think digital fashion in a broader scope involves not just design but production and beyond.

Balenciaga Clones Spring 22 Collection

This concept of digital fashion is to redefine the fashion business in a new market.
Successful implementation of digital fashion involves digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation which are the core stages of digital fashion at different levels in the fashion business. In fact, it involves the entire digital adoption that exposes brands and designers to new market opportunities and in return creates new revenue streams for the business. Not to forget that this comes with the advantage of maintaining a sustainable business model and experiencing organic business growth in the industry.

Joachim Hensch talks about Digital Transformation in Hugu Boss.

Finally, digital fashion may be a new growing space (not virtual space) but its advantages are not limited to 3D virtual fashion only. It is also not limited to a single technology. To clear it all, digital fashion is a concept beyond just being a tool. For me, it is the intersection between fashion and technology. A growing field in fashion that utilizes digital media/technologies in fashion design and production.



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